Fire Protection Services

ViratMEP offers best fire protection services in Dubai for residential, industrial and commercial projects. We believe that the right choice of fire protection equipment helps to extinguish about 80% of fire before the arriving fire brigade. We work hard to prepare a systematic plan for providing reliable fire fighting services.

We ensure you offering custom-designed, well maintained and expertly installed & tested fire protection systems. As we have completed abundance of projects of firefighting services, our customers are highly contented with the services hence they don’t hesitate to recommend ViratMEP services to others.

ViratMEP uses the advanced sprinkler systems that get activated immediately in case of fire and reduces the risk of damages by 80%. Strategically placed sprinklers can save the lives of people as well as property. Whether you need residential sprinkler installation, commercial sprinkler installation, inspection or maintenance services, we are ready with our latest equipment and expert team.

What Type of Fire Protection Systems Do We Offer 

Wet Fire Sprinkler System

Our wet fire sprinkler systems are designed in such a manner the water discharges instantly from sprinklers opened by fire. These sprinklers get attached to a piping system in an efficient way and are operated by the heat of the fire. ViratMEP team is experienced to install wet fire sprinkler systems in residents, offices, buildings, and industrial areas.

Wet fire sprinklers are often the first choice of users due to the simplicity & reliability of the systems.

Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler System

Instead of using water to put out fire, we can use pressurized air or nitrogen and safe the resources from the damage. The pressurized air or nitrogen holds back the water supply at a main dry-pipe valve until a fire causes one or more sprinklers to operate.

We let our customers know the difference between wet fire sprinkler system and dry pipe fire sprinkler system. They can decide what suits their preferences and hand over the installation work to ViratMEP company.

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